Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Essie The Lace Is On

One of my absolute FAVORITE colors of nail polish is a reddish purple, especially in duochrome form. Essie The Lace Is On is a magenta-purple to burgundy duochrome shimmer that does not disappoint.  The Lace Is On is from the Fall 2013 collection.  I know I am late on this polish, and I don't know why I bought it sooner.  My eyes would be drawn to it every time I'd see it in a store, yet I would tell myself I shouldn't because I already have a similar color (or 2).  So when I saw it on Amazon for about 3 dollars I squealed a little and immediately bought it.  I just love it so much, and even though it is close to some of my other polishes it is still a must have.  I will have do a comparison before I take it off.

LOOK AT THAT SHIFT! Just stunning. Drool.

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