Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Morgan Taylor Fame Game


I have here the beautiful Fame Game by Morgan Taylor, a dense holographic glitter.  I recently used this as an accent nail in this post.  I originally bought this to use as a top coat, but it is so much prettier on its own.  It also didn't go on as evenly as I would like when I tried it as a top coat.  I tried my best to capture the glitzy flashiness of this amazing polish, whose rainbow sparkliness immediately blinded my eyes in the store and I HAD to have it.  But alas, in my pictures the glitter looks mostly silver but I assure you it is all holographic, yay!  The first picture above, which is with flash, shows off the twinkle the best.

I used 3 coats of Fame Game and 1 coat of HK Girl top coat.  I probably could have used a 2nd top coat layer to make it perfectly smooth, because of the density of the glitter it also makes it a bit gritty textured.  I probably could have also done a 4th coat of Fame Game to make it completely opaque, but 1) you could hardly see any VNL in real life, 2) I was lazy, and 3) the sun was setting, had to get those outdoor shots!

blurred to enhance the rainbowy holo goodness


up close

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