Thursday, July 31, 2014

MoYou London XL Stamping Plates Preview

Hello readers!  As I briefly mentioned in my post Monday, I've been anxiously waiting for several nail-related packages I've ordered to come in the mail.  I have received the first package: two extra large stamping plates from MoYou London, and I am just obsessed with them!!! 

The top plate is Joan The Pro Collection 08, and the bottom plate is Suki Collection 01, a Special Edition plate. Just look at the beautiful sleek packaging...that's artwork in itself!

Joan The Pro plate has 18 separate large floral designs in a 3x6 arrangement.  I am so glad I found these larger images, I have some other plates and with my longer nails the images don't fit the entire nail.  I also picked this plate because I kind of suck at stamping straight, these type of designs don't need to be perfectly aligned, and just because I love flowers :)

Words just can't describe how much I'm in love with the utterly gorgeous Suki Special Edition plate!  The Japanese-themed scene takes up the entire plate and includes a koi fish, tiger, peacock, dragonfly, two owls, several small birds and butterflies, as well as cherry blossoms on branches, bamboo, a Japanese folding fan and several pattered designs. I love that you can stamp varying images on all ten nails but they all still match. There are endless combinations of designs you can come up with depending on which areas of the stamp you use. This is a plate that is definitely hard to get tired of.  

Each etched plate is made of stainless steel with a durable plastic base. You can go to the MoYou London site to purchase these plates, I actually got them (and found out about them) on Amazon but when I checked the price difference today they would have each been about $1.50 cheaper directly from MoYou. (Dang it! Oh well next time.)  See these plates in use in the near future!

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