Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to Curb Appeal: A Nail Blog

Hello readers, welcome to my very first blog post! Today begins a blog of a never ending nail polish journey and always growing collection.  A little story about me and my nails...

I began an obsession for nail polish after a pedicure in the Philippines in May of 2013.  It was only my 2nd pedicure in my life; I had always done my own toes, if I did them at all.  But I wanted to treat my mom for Mother's day while we were in her home country so off we went to a nail spa.

I went to the nail display and went for my usual hot pink, bright and eye-catching yet safe enough to go with my skin color and matched with mostly everything.  But then I spotted a bottle of a super sparkly pink and blueish super fine microglitter top coat by OPI (CURSES for not looking at the name on the bottle!!!) and thought, maybe I will use that on top of the pink.  Nah, I thought, what if it doesn't look good? But it's really pretty though...I guess I will think about it as they do the pink first.  Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth I went...

Eventually I decided what the heck, why not? and had the microglitter put on top. It was the most sparkly and flashy and beautiful my tootsies have ever been. I immediately regretted getting a second (and cheaper) pedicure on the trip as soon as the polish was removed, I wish I had just left the sparkly amazingness on!

When I returned to my home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I went on a mission to find this polish.  I had about 20 nail polishes in my collection then and half of them were variations of pink, so I wanted a change.  No problem, I thought, I will just Google it and find it on eBay or something.  Days passed whilst on the most impossible nail polish mission of all time as I scoured the web through dozens of OPI collections...I did not know there were so many holy crap!  But under that cloud of darkness was a huge silver lining as I was suddenly introduced to a bajillion other amazing nail polishes that blew me away.  And the blogs! Amazing ladies with their beautiful nails and swatches, I started a Feedly to follow them all, and had to dump my shoes out of boxes to hold all my new pretties.  As they say... BUY ALL THE POLISH.

I never did find that elusive nail polish, and nothing even close to it. (I purchased OPI Rent thinking that might have been it and was not even close).  I'm not even sure if it was labeled as a top coat either...I wonder if it was a Asia-only release, if there is such a thing for OPI (thought I read that somewhere?).  Anywho, thanks for reading and following along, and if you think you know what polish it is, let me know.

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