Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tribal Nail Vinyls over Zoya Blaze

Today's nails showcase KBShimmer's tribal nail vinyls over Zoya Blaze, a polish that I found on sale at this beauty shop I always go to when I am in Berkeley.  It did not disappoint!  From their website,  Blaze is described as a full coverage, cool-toned medium mulberry red with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter.  I would probably call it a full coverage crelly, because of its mesmerizing depth on the nail.

I think I prefer using nail vinyls to create negative space by fully removing them (as shown here and here), as opposed to these vinyls which were left on the nail. I had to layer two thick top coats on to smooth out the vinyls, and several days later I started getting these weird air bubbles on top of some of the areas of the vinyl, it seemed like the top coat was lifting.  I guess top coat is meant to stick to nail polish, not vinyls!

It was fun to try and I did enjoy them before the bubbles! (And the design on my middle finger looks like a tribal doggy paw print...awww.)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Polish Me Silly Chicks Rule over OPI Alpine Snow

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I have a fun and bright summer glitter topper to show you called Polish Me Silly in Chicks Rule, which I have layered over OPI Alpine Snow.  I just love the girly color combo of bright pink, purple, and orange glitters ranging from small and round to large and hex-shaped.  I love a glitter with a good variety of shapes and sizes, it just looks so much better on the nail that way.

Unfortunately I layered the polishes on too thick and too fast, so I ended up with a bunch of small air bubbles, as you can see on my pinky nail.  This did occur because I was somewhat fishing for glitters and dabbing thick layers on.  Next time I will just have to do more thin layers which will allow for naturally faster drying to occur.

You can purchase full-size bottles or mini-size (which is shown in my pictures) from their Etsy shop here.  I wanted to try out a bunch of different colors, so I bought several minis to get a good variety. And it feels like I'm getting more nail polish, am I right?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dance Legend Candy Flakes Lollypop with Antique Gold Stamping

 Today I have a manicure I did on a whim which I'm not totally in love with, but it kinda looks like an antique glass vase or something of that sort, which did made me seem to like it more.

I used Dance Legend Lollypop from the Candy Flakes collection. I saw this polish on Manicurator and fell absolutely in love with it, but I have tried using it twice and have been underwhelmed...I guess I was expecting it to be more glowing and pink but it's more flat and orange. I am still going to give it another chance by trying it layered over another polish.

For the stamping I used the Pueen 73 plate and Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Go For Gold, the polish didn't transfer as I would have liked but it did give it a unique antique look. I love these plates because the image is large enough to have the image fully cover my long nails and has varied image so I can use just one plate to have different images on all 10 nails.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chevron Nail Art with Zoya Valerie and KBShimmer Lilac Dreams

Good morning, the weekend was not long enough (is it ever?) so...nails to make everything better! Today's nails were made using  Zoya Valerie as the base and KBShimmer Lilac Dreams for the chevrons.  I used these chevron nail guides from Amazon to make the pattern.

Let me tell you that I had the most difficult time getting these to turn out right!  But rest assured, it was 100% user error, and now I know what NOT to do next time.  These may not work for you but if you are having difficulties then these tips are worth a shot.

What NOT To Do
  1. Not put on a base coat.  Pretty sure this made the polish lift when I peeled away the vinyls. PUT ON BASE COAT.
  2. Wait only 15-30 min for nails to dry.  I actually let the base color dry overnight for last week's manicure, which prevented any lifting.  DRY OVERNIGHT OR FOR FEW HOURS.
  3. I read to stick the vinyls on your skin before sticking on your nail to remove some of the stickiness, so your polish doesn't lift.  Great in theory, but in practice, they would not stick all the way on my nail so there would be polish leakage around the vinyl. Did waaay to much fixing afterwards to correct the damage.  DON'T STICK TO SKIN.

I like perfect lines so I would rather let the base dry a long time and use a fully sticky vinyl. Hope you enjoyed today's post and have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zig Zag Nail Art with KBShimmer Polishes and Nail Vinyls

Yippee! My 2nd package has arrived in the mail and I am SUPER DUPER excited to share it with you!!  I originally went on KBShimmer's website just to check out their nail vinyls, but then the bargain shopper in me took over after I saw two discounted polishes that are being discontinued.  So of course I wanted them not only because they were on sale and being discontinued (which, by the way, are two VERY valid reasons to buy nail polish), but because they are just beautiful.

In the green bottle is Teal Another Tail.  The description from their site explains it as a dusty teal green polish with a strong pink almost duo-chrome shimmer, like a mermaid’s tail, with micro holographic glitters for a bit of shine.  Check out the last two pictures to see the pink shimmer in the bottle the best.

In the purple bottle is Lilac Dreams.  The description from their site explains it as a luscious shade that depending on the light, shifts slightly from a medium purple to a lovely shade of pink. Holographic glitter in aqua blue and sliver add sparkle and shine while a scattering of micro black and silver glitter adds depth to the color. 

I used KBShimmer's Zig Zag (Chevron) Nail Vinyls to create this design, and let me just tell you right now that although it looks intricate, complicated, and like a lot of work, it is NOT AT ALL. By far the EASIEST and most successful nail art I have ever done, and I am seriously never gonna stop using them! Seriously so easy you guys, SO EASY! With perfect results each time!

I first painted my nails with Sally Hansen in Flashy Fuschia, and let them dry completely. You can add a top coat if you wish to speed up the drying process.  I then peeled the vinyls one by one off the sheet and laid them on my nails with tweezers, and pressed them down with my finger to make a nice seal. I did different directions on each nail for some visual variety. I then did one nail at a time, alternating Teal Another Tail and Lilac Dreams, and I am so in love with the end result!

The first trick to nail vinyls is to lay them down on only one hand at a time, you will have increased dexterity if you keep your working hand free of the vinyls. The other trick is to paint one nail at a time and remove the vinyls immediately after, so the polish doesn't dry and get lifted during the vinyl removal.

I hope you enjoyed this post because I sure do enjoy my nails...which means I think I am not going to change them for a while so don't expect any new nails that soon.  But DO expect more nail vinyls in the near future! Tribal themed nails anyone??

Saturday, August 2, 2014

MoYou London Stamping with Suki Collection 01

Today I have stamped over my previous manicure with the Suki Collection 01 plate that I received yesterday.  I am not that great at stamping (yet!) but I think these images transferred very nicely.  I used Konad Special Nail Polish in Black and an XL squishy stamper that I bought off of Amazon.

I had a hard time isolating images on the plate, I often picked up additional surrounding areas that looked funny when stamped on with the targeted image.  A tip for those working on their stamping skills...I actually cleaned up a lot around the targeted image the same way I would clean up around my cuticles, such as around the bird and flower on my pinky nail.  Because I had glitter on my nails, it did not lift, so afterwards I topped off all my nails with top coat and voila! The cleanup is unnoticeable.  Hope this trick helps someone and hope you all have a wonderful day :)