Monday, August 11, 2014

Chevron Nail Art with Zoya Valerie and KBShimmer Lilac Dreams

Good morning, the weekend was not long enough (is it ever?) so...nails to make everything better! Today's nails were made using  Zoya Valerie as the base and KBShimmer Lilac Dreams for the chevrons.  I used these chevron nail guides from Amazon to make the pattern.

Let me tell you that I had the most difficult time getting these to turn out right!  But rest assured, it was 100% user error, and now I know what NOT to do next time.  These may not work for you but if you are having difficulties then these tips are worth a shot.

What NOT To Do
  1. Not put on a base coat.  Pretty sure this made the polish lift when I peeled away the vinyls. PUT ON BASE COAT.
  2. Wait only 15-30 min for nails to dry.  I actually let the base color dry overnight for last week's manicure, which prevented any lifting.  DRY OVERNIGHT OR FOR FEW HOURS.
  3. I read to stick the vinyls on your skin before sticking on your nail to remove some of the stickiness, so your polish doesn't lift.  Great in theory, but in practice, they would not stick all the way on my nail so there would be polish leakage around the vinyl. Did waaay to much fixing afterwards to correct the damage.  DON'T STICK TO SKIN.

I like perfect lines so I would rather let the base dry a long time and use a fully sticky vinyl. Hope you enjoyed today's post and have a wonderful week!

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