Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dance Legend Candy Flakes Lollypop with Antique Gold Stamping

 Today I have a manicure I did on a whim which I'm not totally in love with, but it kinda looks like an antique glass vase or something of that sort, which did made me seem to like it more.

I used Dance Legend Lollypop from the Candy Flakes collection. I saw this polish on Manicurator and fell absolutely in love with it, but I have tried using it twice and have been underwhelmed...I guess I was expecting it to be more glowing and pink but it's more flat and orange. I am still going to give it another chance by trying it layered over another polish.

For the stamping I used the Pueen 73 plate and Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Go For Gold, the polish didn't transfer as I would have liked but it did give it a unique antique look. I love these plates because the image is large enough to have the image fully cover my long nails and has varied image so I can use just one plate to have different images on all 10 nails.

Thanks for looking!

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