Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zig Zag Nail Art with KBShimmer Polishes and Nail Vinyls

Yippee! My 2nd package has arrived in the mail and I am SUPER DUPER excited to share it with you!!  I originally went on KBShimmer's website just to check out their nail vinyls, but then the bargain shopper in me took over after I saw two discounted polishes that are being discontinued.  So of course I wanted them not only because they were on sale and being discontinued (which, by the way, are two VERY valid reasons to buy nail polish), but because they are just beautiful.

In the green bottle is Teal Another Tail.  The description from their site explains it as a dusty teal green polish with a strong pink almost duo-chrome shimmer, like a mermaid’s tail, with micro holographic glitters for a bit of shine.  Check out the last two pictures to see the pink shimmer in the bottle the best.

In the purple bottle is Lilac Dreams.  The description from their site explains it as a luscious shade that depending on the light, shifts slightly from a medium purple to a lovely shade of pink. Holographic glitter in aqua blue and sliver add sparkle and shine while a scattering of micro black and silver glitter adds depth to the color. 

I used KBShimmer's Zig Zag (Chevron) Nail Vinyls to create this design, and let me just tell you right now that although it looks intricate, complicated, and like a lot of work, it is NOT AT ALL. By far the EASIEST and most successful nail art I have ever done, and I am seriously never gonna stop using them! Seriously so easy you guys, SO EASY! With perfect results each time!

I first painted my nails with Sally Hansen in Flashy Fuschia, and let them dry completely. You can add a top coat if you wish to speed up the drying process.  I then peeled the vinyls one by one off the sheet and laid them on my nails with tweezers, and pressed them down with my finger to make a nice seal. I did different directions on each nail for some visual variety. I then did one nail at a time, alternating Teal Another Tail and Lilac Dreams, and I am so in love with the end result!

The first trick to nail vinyls is to lay them down on only one hand at a time, you will have increased dexterity if you keep your working hand free of the vinyls. The other trick is to paint one nail at a time and remove the vinyls immediately after, so the polish doesn't dry and get lifted during the vinyl removal.

I hope you enjoyed this post because I sure do enjoy my nails...which means I think I am not going to change them for a while so don't expect any new nails that soon.  But DO expect more nail vinyls in the near future! Tribal themed nails anyone??

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