Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Neon Nail Art with Color Club Disco Dress and All That Razz

Oh helloooooo!   I do apologize for the long hiatus...I just wanted to keep being in vacation mode :) BTW my trip was awesome and I'm definitely going back next year!

I was SO not about taking pics on my trip, since in the past I was a picture-taking fiend.  But I do regret it a little because I made so many new friends I wish I would have taken more pics with them...and of my two sets of nails I had done!  At the time I just did not want to be bothered.  Oh well no big deal I am over it.  On to NAILS!

This is a set that I did before my vacation with one of the Color Club polishes from my last mani here called All That Razz, and a fourth polish that I also bought called Disco Dress.

 On my middle and ring finger I did the saran wrap technique, which creates a tye-dye or mottled look, and is totally easy and fun! I did it kinda backwards this time which was more messy and time consuming.  The easy way is to paint one color of polish, let it dry a little, then paint the other color of polish and use a small crumpled ball of saran wrap to remove the polish.  I used the saran wrap to apply the polish, which technically works but I did not allow the first color to dry all the way so it lifted up in areas.  But no worries, this technique is very easy to fish!  Just add some of the base color onto the saran wrap and dab away until you reach the desired result.

On my pointer and pinky fingers I free-handed four x's to create a kind of corset design.  I guess it would have made more sense if I would have made a bow at the bottom, but I think it still looks cool anyway.

Take one long and hard last look at this design because I SWEAR I will never do it again!  I am the WORST at free-handing designs because I get shaky and screw up, plus I am a perfectionist so this design kicked me in the ass and took FOR-EV-ER.  I must have redid all of the nails several times, I just could not get it right.  This is just not my kind of nail art.  Lucky for me there are a bajillion other types of nail art so I am not sad :)

I miss being on vacation but I am happy to be back to my nails! YAY.

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