Friday, October 17, 2014

A England Rose Bower with Freehand Teal Flowers

I received a dozen beautiful red roses last week, which inspired me to pull out one of my very favorite reds: A England Rose Bower. It has a stunning depth with subtle holo which makes it appear to glow from within. 

I thought I'd try my hand again at freehanded nail art (very punny I know) and I think it turned out kinda alright this time! I used 2 L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes: Quirky Turquoise to make the flowers and Silver Glitter as the glitter center. 

Although it looks fine in real life, the macro shots show some imperfections, which is due to the uneven and could-be-thinner brush that came with the polish. I need to invest in some better brushes, maybe I will like to feeehand more then.

I just made a super exciting nail polish purchase from llarowe of all fall and/or dark colors. My goal is to stick to a fall theme until winter, and with all my delicious polishes coming that should be easy.  I can't wait to share them all!

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