Thursday, October 9, 2014

Orly Crossroad with Glitter Cross and Corner Design

Today I am wearing Orly Crossroad, which as you can see is in their old bottle; I snagged it on sale at Sally's earlier this year. Crossroad is a deep blue-toned slate gray with a touch of magenta shimmer. The shimmer is almost imperceptible unless you are in direct light, but I actually am into dark cremes right now so I am loving the smooth neutral darkness by itself.

Crossroad could be a one-coater with a thicker coat, but I used two thin coats and they applied beautifully. I wish more polishes were this consistency.  The first picture is the most accurate representation of the color; in reality it does not wear as light as the two pictures below. 

I took L.A.Colors Art Deco in Silver Glitter (a nail art polish with a long skinny brush) and freehanded the cross on my ring finger and thumb and the diagonal corner design on the other fingers.  I just LOVE glitter for nail art, it's practically impossible to screw it up, cuz it's glitter and it's a bajillion little particles all over the place.

I am in LOVE with this color so much, I can't believe that recently I used to wonder why people even liked gray polish.  Because it is dark without being too dark, sexy and demure at the same time, and it matches everything! What are your favorite gray polishes?

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