Monday, December 15, 2014

Galaxy Nails with No7 In The Stars, Orly Goth, and a bunch of others I can't remember...

I did this one seemingly ages I apologize for only remembering 2 of the many polishes I used for these galaxy nails: No7 In The Stars which is a multichrome glass fleck top coat that I used on top of the finished galaxy, and Orly Goth which is a black with tiny silver glitter which make it look like a night sky.

Galaxy Nails with No7 In The Stars and Orly Goth

What I do remember is that I completely nail failed this mani the first time around and I took the whole thing off and started over after about 1.5 hours in...ugh! My tip to you is to use your more opaque polishes and sponge on with a very light hand, I was trying to make more of a pattern which screwed the whole thing up.

I looooove this look even though it took me ages! AND I finally figured out my new lightbox setup! What kind of nail art have you failed?

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