Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day Stamping Part 1: Sephora Color Hit Dangerous and Zoya Kissy

Today's post is an exciting one for me for three reasons:

  1. I just realized (and right on time yay!) that I have a stamping plate set that leans heavily towards Valentine's Day, so I have a good 3 weeks of Valentine manicures to come.
  2. It is already (yes already) nice and sunny out here in the Bay Area of California where I live so I have some awesome natural lighting to use for my shots.
  3. I DID GOOD STAMPING!!!!! I have finally worked out a stamping technique that worked really great on ALL of my nails! YIPPEE!  I will explain my technique at the end. On to the nails!
Valentine's Day Heart Stamping with Sephora Color Hit Dangerous and Zoya Kissy

Shown is one coat of Sephora Color Hit in Dangerous and then one coat of Zoya Kissy. I then stamped the heart design using plate 41 from PUEEN 2013 Set 24E - Love Elements and topped it all off with top coat.

Valentine's Day Heart Stamping with Sephora Color Hit Dangerous and Zoya Kissy

The first three pics are in natural light, I am standing outside in the warm sun :) Aaaaand I am getting better at shooting with a shallow depth of field! (see below)

Valentine's Day Heart Stamping with Sephora Color Hit Dangerous and Zoya Kissy

The next pics are taken from inside my light box. Below is what the polish looks like layered and without the stamping.

Sephora Color Hit Dangerous and Zoya Kissy

And lastly a nice and clear shot of my best ever stamping job! So here is what I did:
  1. I started using a squishy stamper but was finding gaps in the image so I switched back over to my Konad Stamper, and boy what a difference. I remembered that I had previously stopped using the Konad stamper because it was too small for my then longer nails, (psssst Konad, make a larger stamper please!) but now the length works perfectly with it.
  2. I used Konad Stamping Polish in White on the plate, and scraped it off relatively firm and quick at a 45-degree angle using a plastic scraper that I got with the squishy stamper.  You could also use an old gift or credit card, but don't use one that has a plastic film on it because it will start to peel and curl up around the edge after some time from cleaning it with polish remover.
  3. Instead of pressing straight down on the image, I rolled the stamper onto the image, which I think transferred it much more evenly and fully onto the stamp, whereas pressing straight down could be too light or to much of pressure.
  4. I then lined up the stamp to my nail, viewing it from the side of the stamp and the side of the nail so that I could see both at the same time (if that makes sense). Then, with even pressure long the whole nail, I rolled the stamp onto my nail, and voila! Yippee! Hurrah! Stamping greatness done by me the stamping klutz!
  5. BUT WAIT! One of the most important steps here for a good transfer (at least for me) is the cleanup.  I take a cotton ball soaked in PURE acetone to clean the stamp and the plate. Then - very important! - I take a rag or a tissue and wipe off the plate so it is completely dry.  What was happening to me in the past is that I would not wipe after cleaning and the transfer was diluted-looking.

Valentine's Day Heart Stamping with Sephora Color Hit Dangerous and Zoya Kissy

Below are the polishes I picked up for 80 cents (!) during the online after Christmas sale at Sephora. The top red one is Dangerous, a medium red with pink glitter.

Sephora Color Hit Sale Polishes for 80 cents each

As you can probably tell I am very proud of myself :) What nail art have you nailed lately?

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