Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Stamping Part 5: Zoya Kiki

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Today's Valentine's Day stamping is with Zoya Kiki, a bright hot pink with gorgeous purple shimmer.  Great formula, so easy to apply I had almost no cleanup. Using my Winstonia XL squishy stamper and Konad Stamping Polish in Black, I stamped fishnet hearts using plate 27 from PUEEN 2013 Set 24E - Love Elements.

I did have to do something a little tricky here because I used an image smaller than my nail. I pulled the stamper out of the handle and picked up the image as normal from the plate. I then folded the stamper just a bit (like a taco) to stretch the image on the stamp.  I then rolled the stamp on my nail and voila! The image fit my nails.  It is a little messy to do this, as you can see on my nails as well, but I was able to use the image I wanted.

I just love Zoya shimmers, they have the BEST formula!  What are your favorite Zoyas?

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