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Born Pretty Store Red Metallic Triangle Glitter Review

Born Pretty Store Red Metallic Triangle Glitter Review

Today I have Born Pretty Store's red metallic triangle glitter that was sent to me for review. It says in their description that the glitter is matte and shiny, but I would rather call it metallic because that's what it looks like to me. They have 12 fun colors to choose from, and on a whim I chose red because I've been all about it lately: red lipstick, red bra and undies, and a new red Kate Spade purse! Which I should totally take pics of and share with you because 1) it's freaking awesome and 2) it's the most I've EVER spent on a purse so it's worth sharing.

As shown in the picture above, not all of the glitter is perfect, some have dog-eared corners. But there was plenty of perfect glitter to choose from that outnumbered the bent pieces. Since this was my first time using this kind of glitter, I decided to do a simple glitter placement, which was also a first! I wanted the glitter to pop so I painted my nails with two coats of A England Dorian Gray. I then painted a thick strip of non-quick-dry top coat as a sticky layer for the glitter placement, and used tweezers to place them in a simple design. So far so good, it was really quick and easy.

Born Pretty Store Red Metallic Triangle Glitter Review

Unfortunately, as soon as I put my HK Girl top coat on, it smeared some of the red off and bubbled some of the glitters. This may have been due to multiple strokes of the top coat, which ironically I did to smooth out any bubbles.  Take a look at my ring finger above (left nail), this was the first nail I put top coat on and it bled the most. I will be more careful on my other finger.

On to the next nail. I did only one stroke down over the glitter on my middle finger (see the right nail above and the macro below) and it was much better. There was still some smearing near the tip of my nail, but it could have been left over from the other finger.  I also noticed a tiny bit of the same bubbling that happened on my other nail.
Born Pretty Store Red Metallic Triangle Glitter Review

I have come to three possible conclusions:
  1. I have never used this kind of glitter or done a glitter placement before. This may be a typical problem with these kind of glitters.
  2. This particular top coat eats this particular glitter.  I should try a different top coat.
  3. This glitter isn't that good.
So at this point, I have yet to know what the problem may be. I should really try again with a different top coat to test before I conclude if I like this glitter or not.  But other than the smearing problems and some bent glitters, the glitter is a nice color and evenly cut, is thin enough to not be too bothersome with top coat on, and is good for nail art.  And I really like my good nail!

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