Friday, May 29, 2015

Wet n Wild Fergie Havasu Blue Swatches

Wet n Wild Fergie Havasu Blue Swatches

I can't believe how much I am love with this blue by Fergie, named Havasu Blue by Wet n Wild. It has been sitting in my untried drawer since I picked it up for a dollar at my Big Lots haul last year, pretty much because I don't really like blues.
Wet n Wild Fergie Havasu Blue Swatches

Well, I thought I didn't really like blues, just like with another blue polish, which became one of my top polishes of the year. Havasu Blue is the perfect cobalt blue creme that I never knew I wanted. It is such a statement on my hands, that it in itself is its own nail art. It is just luscious. *drool*

Wet n Wild Fergie Havasu Blue Swatches

Guess you can't judge a polish by its bottle, amirite?

In other news, Born Pretty Store is releasing new stamping plates today, and if you haven't heard yet they have a new app available on iTunes, which unfortunately is of no use to me and my lovely Android. So... BPS, please develop the Android version ASAP, k thanks.

So now that I'm on a blue kick, I'd love to hear what your favorite blue polishes are so I can extend my overflowing collection. Let me know in the comments below! Cheers and happy Friday :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Black and White Chevron Nails with Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

Black and White Chevron Nails with Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

I've been wanting to do the design on my DuroCase ® HTC One M8 Hard Cell Phone Case for months now, yet every time I thought about hand-painting the flowers, I became daunted and did other nails instead. But when I was contacted again by Born Pretty Store and saw that these rose and butterfly water decals were available for review, I was ecstatic!

Black and White Chevron Nails with Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

I have used BPS's water decals before, and other than the shape, image, and quantity, these are no different in quality. The images are excellent in design and are nice and opaque. You get one large sheet of decals that measures 16cm by 13cm (6.3in by 5.1in), that is divided into 3 sections: a red/pink section, a yellow/green section, and a blue/purple section.  I was amazed at how many individual decals there are, there are a TON on this sheet!  In addition to the roses and butterflies, there are also leaves and pearls. What a superb sheet of decals!
Black and White Chevron Nails with Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

I first painted my nails with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and topped with Poshe top coat (because it is thinner than my beloved HK Girl but dries just as fast). While it was hardening (I typically will let the base dry for 30 min to avoid any liftage or smudges) I chose and cut out the roses that closely matched my phone case.  I then laid down KBShimmer's chevron/zig zag nail vinyls horizontally, leaving a space on random nails for the rose water decals, painted one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme, and removed the vinyls.

Black and White Chevron Nails with Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

I then soaked several decals at a time in water, and after about 15 seconds they were able to slip off their backing and I placed them on the nail with tweezers. It was somewhat tricky at times because they were a bit slippery on the nail but this made it easy to reposition them if I didn't like the placement.

Black and White Chevron Nails with Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

Once I placed all of the decals to my liking, I carefully put one coat of HK Girl top coat to seal them all up.  I remembered that last time my top coat ate the edges of the decal if I didn't "float" the brush over them, so this time there was minimal disintegration.

Black and White Chevron Nails with Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

Lastly, I took a million pictures because I was so super in love with the result :) I have received a bunch of complements on my nail art as well and it is fun for me to pull out my phone to show my inspiration! If you are interested in these rose and butterfly water decals or anything else, I have a 10% off code CHUK31, click on the pic below to take you to their site:
Born Pretty Store 10% off code CHUK31

I'd love to know: what is your latest mani inspiration?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kawaii Stamping with Zoya Hudson and Mundo de Unas Orchid

Kawaii Stamping with Zoya Hudson and Mundo de Unas Orchid

I've read that some people do their nails because it is relaxing.  Relaxing to me is laying in the sun tanning, listening to music, and not lifting a finger. I do my nails because I get spurts of giddiness and excitement!  As explained below...

I did what I usually do when planning a mani which involves going through my helmer and picking whatever feels good at the moment. I decided on Zoya Hudson as the base, a pastel purple with loads of silver shimmer, Mundo de Unas stamping polish in Orchid, also a pastel but a bright pink one, and randomly picked plate 82 from my favorite stamping plate set at the moment, PUEEN Set 24B-L: Leisure Stamping Buffet Set, because I was like:

Oooh super cute strawberries, bows, stars, and bubbles! Cutsie girly nails yes! EXCITE!
Kawaii Stamping with Zoya Hudson and Mundo de Unas Orchid

So I put all of the elements together, stamping with my new favorite Creative Shop stamper, and then I was like:

Oooooh these look like Kawaii nails. KAWAII!

*long pause*

*googles 'what is Kawaii' *


(in the context of Japanese popular culture) cute.
"she paints elephants that are extremely kawaii"
the quality of being cute, or items that are cute.
"even in a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo, kawaii is everywhere"

* nails are pretty, kawaii stamping! KAWAII STAMPING YEAH! *

So much excite! Such cute yes! Bows and stars wow! Very love!

♥ K A W A I I ♥

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Nail Polish Blogger Connection Spring Giveaway: $250 GRAND PRIZE!

Hello Friends! I have a super exciting giveaway to share with you that I am a part of: the Nail Polish Blogger Connection Spring Giveaway! It is open internationally and RIGHT NOW and will run a full 10 days, until May 18th of 2015.  You can win 1 of 2 generous prizes which can be sent either as a gift certificate to your favorite e-tailer or directly through paypal:

$250 grand prize 

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$60 runner up prize 

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway widget, located at the bottom of this page.  If you've never used Rafflecopter before, don't let the number of entries daunt you, because each person can submit multiple bonus entries. So if it shows 1000 total entries, but there are 40 possible entries per person, only 25 people have entered. Not too shabby! Therefore, the more entries you submit, the better your chances are of winning, so make sure to scroll through the whole giveaway and enter as many times as you can. I have listed all of the wonderful bloggers of this NPBC giveaway below, make sure to check out their blogs too!

Rules & Info: The giveaway is open internationally. The giveaway will run from today until midnight on Monday, May 18th. The winner will have only 48 hours to respond to The Mercurial Magpie's email claiming the prize, after that a new winner will be selected. You must be 18 or older to enter. No giveaway-only, empty or spam accounts, those entries will be disqualified. All winning entries will be verified. No following and unfollowing once the giveaway ends. Unfollowers will be banned from future giveaways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shaka Metalgold Ref. 3 stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Hello errybody! I have a waaaaaay overdue polish to share with you. Let me explain, and apologize in advance because I'm about to get real Chatty Cathy here. You've been warned...

Back in September of last year (and a few months after I started this blog) I traveled to Italy. Of course I went shopping for nail polish and had two different manicures and of COURSE I shared none of it with you because I was too busy having fun to take any pictures of my nails. A few months ago I finally shared one of the polishes with you, and today, I have the other. And let me just say:

Why the heck did I wait so long. Look at it. LOOK. AT. IT.

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

This magnificent gem of a polish is from the Metalgold Collection, by Italian nail polish brand Shaka. I thought "Metalgold" was the actual name of the polish, but upon googling it I found out there are multiple other duochromes with the same name, but with different numbers. This one is Ref. 3.

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

I spotted it in an Italian version of Forever 21, thought it was unique, purchased it, and then put it in my untried drawer and forgot about it. So when decided to wear it over Essie Downtown Brown, a sultry brownish red creme, my insides exploded with excitement and my eyes glistened with awe at the result: a super shimmery teal to maroon-purple duochrome polish with a reddish base, which sparkled with bits of microglitter in the sunshine. The duochrome shift of this lacquer is strong on both the teal and the maroon side, no shy colors here.

In a lovely addition to the duochrome, the teal will lean blue in certain light, and sometimes become more green.  Wanting to show off as well, the maroon base will also morph into purple, and at times be more red.  A real chameleon of beauty.

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Using plate 80 from PUEEN Set 24B-L: Leisure Stamping Buffet Set and my new Creative Shop Stamper, I stamped roses with Mundo de Unas stamping polish in Purple onto my ring finger.  I used a dotting tool to add 3 vertical dots on my other fingers with the same stamping polish, which btw works GREAT for dotticures.

I almost gave up on the Creative Shop stamper when I tried it with Konad stamping polishes. Everybody was raving so hard about it and I couldn't get it to work.  I was afraid to prime it because everyone was saying they didn't need to and/or you shouldn't prime it.  I searched for videos and found one where they primed it, so I felt "safe" trying it. Didn't work. Tried different plates, different polish, and it still didn't work. Did I ruin it by priming? *sad face :( *

BUT THEN! I finally tried it with my new Mundo de Unas polishes and they were both absolutely magnificent. I didn't ruin it after all, and now I get all the hype about the stamper and MdU. They're so super awesome I'm about to throw out all my Konad stuff (j/k j/k j/k I'm a polish hoarder I would never do such a thing)

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Aaand we're back to Shaka. Another reason why I adore this polish is because this combo of a reddish base and a teal shimmer duochrome-iness has been my favorite eyeshadow color for years. One of my favorite eyeshadows ever is Urban Decay Lounge, which has just been re-released! EXCITE! Other examples that I own are MAC Blue Brown and Kat Von D On The Road.

Phew, my fingers have tip wear from all that typing! lol  Well if you've made it this far:

1) congratulations *high five*
2) sorry but you'll have to stop by Rome to pick up this one
3) thank you so much for reading!

Friday, May 1, 2015

HOW TO: A New Way to Remove Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish

Love the eye-catching and sparkly look of glitter polish...
but hate the time and elbow grease involved to take it off?

If so, my lovely nail friends, I have to share with you a new way that I came up with to remove that beautiful yet at the same time evil glitter nail polish from your divine digits.

If you don't already know, the well-known and preferred removal method of glitter, dark and/or staining polish has been the tried-and-tested foil method.  For those who don't know, you soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on the nail and wrap the nail with a small pre-cut square of aluminum foil.  You repeat this process on your other nails, sit (impatiently) for 15 or so minutes, then slide each foil-wrapped cotton ball off.

Although I have used the foil method many times, there are 2 major problems with this technique:
  1. Getting the foil on the last few fingers is always a struggle, and often in the process other foiled fingers fall off or move out of place, and the last few fingers don't get placed correctly. Eventually I get it right but usually I am swearing at this point.
  2. Can't. Do. Anything. Can't pick anything up. Can't type. Can't...sit...still...arggghhh......! I hate this waiting part because I am a multi-tasker and feel that I must do something else other than watch TV.
So with these dilemmas at hand (har har) and that fateful day that I was out of aluminum foil, I came up with the New and Improved.....Glove Method!  (ooooo..... aaahhhhh.....)

HOW TO: A New Way to Remove Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish

With the Glove Method, I can cover each finger much easier!!!

With the Glove Method, I can type!!!

With the Glove Method, I can Google fun things like Cute Puppy Videos while I am waiting!!!

HOW TO: A New Way to Remove Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish

If you haven't figured it out already from my photos, it's very similar to the foil method actually:
  1. Take a pair of latex gloves and cut off the fingers.  They can be cut even shorter than shown in my pictures.
  2. Soak 10 cotton balls in acetone, or what I like to do is rip 5 cotton balls in half, and then soak them.
  3. Put one soaked cotton ball into each cut glove finger.
  4. Starting with your pinkies, slide the finger on. If you pinch the cotton ball from above, it will be easier to position the cotton on top of your nail. Repeat until you have "gloved" all your fingers.
  5. Wait 15 minutes or so. Type! Pick things up! Open and close doors! Dig through your stash and pick your next polish color!
  6. Slide off each glove-tipped finger one at a time.  I like to rub the cotton on my nail several times before removing each glove tip.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, and please let me know what you think if you decide to try this method, I'd love to hear your feedback :)