Friday, May 1, 2015

HOW TO: A New Way to Remove Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish

Love the eye-catching and sparkly look of glitter polish...
but hate the time and elbow grease involved to take it off?

If so, my lovely nail friends, I have to share with you a new way that I came up with to remove that beautiful yet at the same time evil glitter nail polish from your divine digits.

If you don't already know, the well-known and preferred removal method of glitter, dark and/or staining polish has been the tried-and-tested foil method.  For those who don't know, you soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on the nail and wrap the nail with a small pre-cut square of aluminum foil.  You repeat this process on your other nails, sit (impatiently) for 15 or so minutes, then slide each foil-wrapped cotton ball off.

Although I have used the foil method many times, there are 2 major problems with this technique:
  1. Getting the foil on the last few fingers is always a struggle, and often in the process other foiled fingers fall off or move out of place, and the last few fingers don't get placed correctly. Eventually I get it right but usually I am swearing at this point.
  2. Can't. Do. Anything. Can't pick anything up. Can't type. Can't...sit...still...arggghhh......! I hate this waiting part because I am a multi-tasker and feel that I must do something else other than watch TV.
So with these dilemmas at hand (har har) and that fateful day that I was out of aluminum foil, I came up with the New and Improved.....Glove Method!  (ooooo..... aaahhhhh.....)

HOW TO: A New Way to Remove Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish

With the Glove Method, I can cover each finger much easier!!!

With the Glove Method, I can type!!!

With the Glove Method, I can Google fun things like Cute Puppy Videos while I am waiting!!!

HOW TO: A New Way to Remove Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish

If you haven't figured it out already from my photos, it's very similar to the foil method actually:
  1. Take a pair of latex gloves and cut off the fingers.  They can be cut even shorter than shown in my pictures.
  2. Soak 10 cotton balls in acetone, or what I like to do is rip 5 cotton balls in half, and then soak them.
  3. Put one soaked cotton ball into each cut glove finger.
  4. Starting with your pinkies, slide the finger on. If you pinch the cotton ball from above, it will be easier to position the cotton on top of your nail. Repeat until you have "gloved" all your fingers.
  5. Wait 15 minutes or so. Type! Pick things up! Open and close doors! Dig through your stash and pick your next polish color!
  6. Slide off each glove-tipped finger one at a time.  I like to rub the cotton on my nail several times before removing each glove tip.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, and please let me know what you think if you decide to try this method, I'd love to hear your feedback :)


  1. This may actually get me using glitter nail polish more often! Good idea.

  2. Awesome! I hope you get to have have more glitter in your life :)