Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shaka Metalgold Ref. 3 stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Hello errybody! I have a waaaaaay overdue polish to share with you. Let me explain, and apologize in advance because I'm about to get real Chatty Cathy here. You've been warned...

Back in September of last year (and a few months after I started this blog) I traveled to Italy. Of course I went shopping for nail polish and had two different manicures and of COURSE I shared none of it with you because I was too busy having fun to take any pictures of my nails. A few months ago I finally shared one of the polishes with you, and today, I have the other. And let me just say:

Why the heck did I wait so long. Look at it. LOOK. AT. IT.

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

This magnificent gem of a polish is from the Metalgold Collection, by Italian nail polish brand Shaka. I thought "Metalgold" was the actual name of the polish, but upon googling it I found out there are multiple other duochromes with the same name, but with different numbers. This one is Ref. 3.

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

I spotted it in an Italian version of Forever 21, thought it was unique, purchased it, and then put it in my untried drawer and forgot about it. So when decided to wear it over Essie Downtown Brown, a sultry brownish red creme, my insides exploded with excitement and my eyes glistened with awe at the result: a super shimmery teal to maroon-purple duochrome polish with a reddish base, which sparkled with bits of microglitter in the sunshine. The duochrome shift of this lacquer is strong on both the teal and the maroon side, no shy colors here.

In a lovely addition to the duochrome, the teal will lean blue in certain light, and sometimes become more green.  Wanting to show off as well, the maroon base will also morph into purple, and at times be more red.  A real chameleon of beauty.

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Using plate 80 from PUEEN Set 24B-L: Leisure Stamping Buffet Set and my new Creative Shop Stamper, I stamped roses with Mundo de Unas stamping polish in Purple onto my ring finger.  I used a dotting tool to add 3 vertical dots on my other fingers with the same stamping polish, which btw works GREAT for dotticures.

I almost gave up on the Creative Shop stamper when I tried it with Konad stamping polishes. Everybody was raving so hard about it and I couldn't get it to work.  I was afraid to prime it because everyone was saying they didn't need to and/or you shouldn't prime it.  I searched for videos and found one where they primed it, so I felt "safe" trying it. Didn't work. Tried different plates, different polish, and it still didn't work. Did I ruin it by priming? *sad face :( *

BUT THEN! I finally tried it with my new Mundo de Unas polishes and they were both absolutely magnificent. I didn't ruin it after all, and now I get all the hype about the stamper and MdU. They're so super awesome I'm about to throw out all my Konad stuff (j/k j/k j/k I'm a polish hoarder I would never do such a thing)

Shaka Metalgold stamped with Mundo de Unas Purple

Aaand we're back to Shaka. Another reason why I adore this polish is because this combo of a reddish base and a teal shimmer duochrome-iness has been my favorite eyeshadow color for years. One of my favorite eyeshadows ever is Urban Decay Lounge, which has just been re-released! EXCITE! Other examples that I own are MAC Blue Brown and Kat Von D On The Road.

Phew, my fingers have tip wear from all that typing! lol  Well if you've made it this far:

1) congratulations *high five*
2) sorry but you'll have to stop by Rome to pick up this one
3) thank you so much for reading!

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