Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hot Pink, Gold, and Diamond Charm Skittle Nails

Hello everybody! If it seems like I haven't been here for a bit, well, it's because I've been a busy little bee and have been working on my brand-spanking new website. A new blog design, you ask? No actually...if you've ever read my About Me, I'm working on becoming a full-fledged front end web developer, and I've finally made my portfolio website FROM SCRATCH:

Yes that's right folks, I hand-coded the entire website in a text editor (Sublime Text) using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery (via Bootstrap), and PHP and uploaded all of the components into WordPress' cPanel. I also made all my infographics in Photoshop. So if you were like what the heck is a front end web developer now you know. I'm turning into a super nerd! A super nerd that will be making 6 figures one day. Yes please. Bring on the black-rimmed glasses.

Where I live it is actually trendy to be a nerd (SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley), so I'm just doing the cool thing around here ;]

On to nails!

Hot Pink, Gold, and Diamond Skittle Nails

I have a hard time coming up with the order of the polishes / designs for skittles so I usually never do them, but I put some good thought into this one and I love the way they turned out. I used Color Club All That Razz, a neon hot pink creme that leans purple, KBShimmer Pink-a Colada, a blue, purple, and green glitter-filled magenta crelly, Sephora by OPI Looks Like Rain, Dear, an amazing opaque gold polish full of gold and silver micro-glitter and larger holo glitters, sooooo blingy I love it!, and OPI Alpine Snow, a white creme.

Hot Pink, Gold, and Diamond Skittle Nails

I then placed these Ultra Thin Metal Diamond Nail Charms that I received for review from Born Pretty Store on my ring finger as an accent.  They come in a pack of 30 and are gold on one side and bronze on the other. As shown below, they are all very uniform but not all of the charms are cut out nicely, some have some blue areas where they weren't cut out all the way.  But I found plenty of good ones anyway.  They are very thin and I used the end of my clean-up brush to add a curve to the charm so that it would hug the c-curve of my nail.

I found them very difficult to pick up at first.  I was trying to use tweezers and that wouldn't allow me to place them straight so to be honest I was frustrated.  Then I tried using a wet pencil tip (which I dampened with my tongue) and that was better, but still not perfect, it would keep falling off the tip.  I THEN tried a dampened clean-up brush, and that was the best technique yet!  What I really need is a wax pencil. But the brush worked for what I had and I was able to place them quickly.

Hot Pink, Gold, and Diamond Skittle Nails

I topped them off with top coat and after a few hours I could feel some of the edges bending. Unfortunately some of the tips ended up breaking before I had a chance to add more top coat, so I recommend two thick layers of top coat right after placing them.  Overall once I figured out how to pick them up, I totally love them, they are gorgeous!

You can buy the charms from Born Pretty Store at 10% off by using code CHUK31, click on the pic below to take you to their site.

Born Pretty Store 10% off code CHUK31

Have you ever used nail charms before?

p.s. My blogiversary is coming up and I have something special planned, make sure to stay tuned!

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