Saturday, June 13, 2015

Neon Gradient Stamping with Orly Mirrorball and BPS Cuticle Tattoos

Gradient Stamping with Orly Mirrorball and BPS Cuticle Tattoos

Oh stamping how I've missed you! Ok ok so it's only been a month but it seems like so many manicures ago! Which is actually pretty accurate considering how often I change my polish... 

Today I have many wonderful things combined to make one awesomely flashy mani. I will start off with my base color, the well-known Orly Mirrorball, which I purchased (among many, many recent hauls of polish and makeup) thanks to the most enabling social media tool ever made: Instagram. And boy was it worth it, holo glitter and linear holo together is so sparkly and beautiful. And I don't even really like silver polish.

Gradient Stamping with Orly Mirrorball and BPS Cuticle Tattoos

Next I stamped a fun zig zag design using Pueen 83 plate from PUEEN Set 24B-L: Leisure Stamping Buffet Set. I used two Mundo de Unas stamping polishes, Tulip and Neon Yellow, to stamp a gradient for the first time. It was really easy actually, you just paint the polishes next to each other on the plate and scrape several times with your scraper, slightly moving the position of the scraper either left or right for each scrape to blend the colors in the middle.

Last and definitely not least, I added Born Pretty Store cuticle tattoos that I received for review to each of my cuticles.  I have to admit, once I started seeing these temporary tattoos (for not only your cuticles, but fingers and arms) come back into fashion from when I was in like 5th grade, I thought they were tacky. But since then, I've grown to really like them. I again fully blame Instagram.

Gradient Stamping with Orly Mirrorball and BPS Cuticle Tattoos

Just like the old school arm tattoos that you would get for 25¢ from the vending machine at the bowling alley dispensed in a plastic bubble, these applied the exact same way: a wet washcloth is held for 30 seconds on top of the tattoo which is placed on your skin.

The sheet I chose came with 2 different shapes and 20 total tattoos of various sizes.  I found it hard to tell which was the correct size for my nail, as the paper backing is pretty opaque so you can't really match it to your cuticle.  I ended up guessing (thankfully correctly) on the sizes that would fit my nails and cut them out individually.

The first tattoo I placed was difficult to line up, again because the backing is opaque.  I then found that if you cut the tattoo as close to the cuticle curve as possible, then it could be lined up easily. The tattoos came loose after less than 30 seconds and the result was even, detailed, and stately!

Gradient Stamping with Orly Mirrorball and BPS Cuticle Tattoos

I found these pretty easy to work with for a really fun and dramatic outcome. I have no say on wear at this time as I have just recently put them on, but I will leave them alone and report back on my nail art longevity. If you are interested in these tattoos or anything else at BPS, I have a 10% off code CHUK31, click on the pic below to take you to their site:

Born Pretty Store 10% off code CHUK31

What do you think of the recent temporary tattoo craze? Let me know in the comments below!

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