Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sunset Gradient with Palm Tree Water Decals

Sunset Gradient with Palm Tree Water Decals

I have finally tried my hand (har har) at a sponge gradient, and while it did not turn out exactly how I wanted, the end result is quite awesome if I don't say so myself.  I knew once I received these palm tree water decals for review from Born Pretty Store, I could be lazy easily make the ever-so-beautiful and popular sunset gradient with palm trees.

Sunset Gradient with Palm Tree Water Decals

I chose Color Club Disco Dress as the purple color, KBShimmer Bahama Drama as the coral color, and Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez: Hit The Lights as the yellow color for the gradient.  I painted the colors on a makeup wedge and sponged away.

I think I figured out why my gradient wasn't as smooth as I was hoping: I *think* you are supposed to blend the colors on the sponge instead of trying to blend it while sponging it onto your nail. And probably it would also look more blended if there was a transition color between the purple and coral, like maybe a dark pink.

I also used a latex barrier for the first time: Bliss Kiss Simply Peel, which you paint around each nail and onto your cuticles, let dry, do your messy nail art, then peel off for easy clean-up. I ended up still getting polish on my fingers and there were some latex stragglers after peeling but it helped a lot for less clean-up.

Sunset Gradient with Palm Tree Water Decals

What really completed my abstract-looking gradient were the palm tree water decals.  I have used BPS's water decals before here and here, and just like the others, these were nice and opaque with very clear designs.  The sheet comes with a bunch of palm trees with trunks, palm trees without trunks (or would those be called palm bushes?...) and some small leaf designs (not shown).

I cut out the decals I wanted to use and soaked them in water to release them from their backing.  The paper on these decals were a little thicker than the other decals I tried, so they released in about 30-40 seconds instead of 15-20. I also finally realized that you don't need to individually cut out each decal, just cut out a group of decals you will be using and soak the whole thing, because the decals themselves are already separated and will slide off the paper one by one. Dur dur dur.

Sunset Gradient with Palm Tree Water Decals

These decals seemed a little stickier than the other decals I used, which made it easier for them to stick but harder to reposition.  And just like the other decals, you should *float* your top coat over them or it will eat them right up!  Overall, excellent quality and a ton of decals of different shapes and sizes to choose from on one sheet.  I love them.

If you are interested in these Born Pretty Store water decals for nail art or anything else, I have a 10% off code CHUK31, click on the pic below to take you to their site.  They also have a new app available on iTunes (sorry Androidians, not for us yet! Soon I hope...)

Born Pretty Store 10% off code CHUK31

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