Friday, July 10, 2015

Polish Me Silly Peach Me A Lesson Thermal Swatches

Hello again everyone!! I will make a quick apology as to why I haven't been around much...I have two great reasons tho: 1) I had surgery last week, nothing serious, really awesome actually, I had the otoplasty done that I've wanted ever since I was a kid, and 2) I came down with the flu shortly thereafter.  So I've been recovering and frankly very lazy.  I have barely changed my nails (GASP!) but whatevs it's my blog, I'm a grown ass woman, and I do what I want :)


Polish Me Silly Peach Me A Lesson Thermal Swatches

Today I am wearing Polish Me Silly Peach Me A Lesson, a gorgeous pastel crelly filled with peach, pink, and orange glitters of various sizes, and the best part: pink when cold and peach / coral when warm! Thermals are my FAVE, it's like having a different manicure at any given time of the day, depending on the temperature of your hands.  As you can see, the nails were mostly pink meaning my hands were nice and warm so I had to hold a piece of ice to get the tips to change to peach. And my favorite picture below hardly shows the shift because I didn't catch it in time, dang it.

Polish Me Silly Peach Me A Lesson Thermal Swatches

And lastly, if you haven't entered my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway yet, today is the last day so head on over to my last post to enter before midnight tonight, good luck!

That is all for today. Until next time...

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