Friday, October 23, 2015

Sparkly Purple Nails with Cute Bow Charm

Sparkly Purple Nails with Cute Bow Charm

Why helloooooooo friends...long time no see! I'm back from a long break, did you miss me? :)

I think it was well needed, because sometimes life gets in the way and you get burnt out from doing the same thing.

I think from this point on I am going to try to stop forcing myself to do nails so! different! every time and just go with what I feel like wearing at the time.

I would hate to be a blogger that doesn't even get to wear their nail polish...because, although I have mad respect for all the amazing swatchers and artists out there, I personally want to enjoy wearing my mani for a while and have matching hands in real life and in public.

Because actually wearing nail polish is AWESOME.

Sparkly Purple Nails with Cute Bow Charm

So here is my Awesome Wearable Mani of the Day!

I am wearing Sally Hansen Pep-Plum, a gorgeous orchid creme, which I topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust, and then added a cute bow charm on my ring fingers which I received as a gift from my friend.

Aaaand that's pretty much it! Short and sweet and easy, so expect more of these kinds of posts, I'm going to practice being less wordy :D